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Rottweiler for Adoption


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I just got an email that one of the dogs I adopted out in September of 2008 needs to come back to me due to the owners living situation. Ceely is a sweet girl that is good with other dogs and kids. I actually bought her and a young male off Craig's List to make sure they found good homes. She's on the smaller side for a Rott and she is approximately 3 1/2 years old. Unfortunately I still have 8 dogs in my house and two of my girls don't like other female dogs (these two got into a huge fight a couple weeks ago because one was able to push in her crate door when we weren't home). Plus my oldest girl was just diagnosed with bone cancer.

Spread the word to friends and family members. I usually charge an adoption fee, but I am waiting to find out if they've kept her current on shots and heartworm prevention. If they haven't, then I will charge a $75 adoption fee to cover some of what my vet will charge. If they have, then I will not ask for an adoption fee. And if the money is an issue I am very flexible...a good home is most important...hopefully one that won't be calling me in a year to come and get her sad.gif

I am looking for a home that will keep her as an inside dog. She is use to living inside and I feel it's too hot in Texas to put a dog with black fur, or any dog for that matter, outside all day. Any questions, just ask me. Here are some photos. She was terrified when I first got her and would just shake and roll on her back. The little boy is her current family...they bonded quickly.

Thanks everyone!


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