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Here's what I have....

Ok here's list. Some frags are not available yet, but I will list them...

ORA German Blue (not the digi) (Not Avail)

America's Mille (GMFett > Jeffco)

Blue Shaggy Mille (AndySGR)

Brown / Blue Valida (will color back up and frag "bubblegum Valida")

Paletta Blue Tenuis (TT)

Paletta Lovelli (BStreep)

B&B Green and Blue

Texas Todd I dunno

Silver Bullet A Prostrata

Blue Tipped Valida

ATL Pink Tulip Mille

Purple Valida

If someone wants to bank their stuff, LET'S DO IT!

I am not in ATX too often, but with a large trade with someone, I may be up for a drive.

PM or call me 210-209-1233

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I have a ton of pics!


I'll have to individualize them for this thread which means taking updated pics! I'm ok with that ;)

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I would be interesteed in trading and have many designer corals. You do have lots of pics but I have no idea what is what. I'm mostly interested in the millis if you can post some individual pics of the corals that you want to trade that would be helpful.

Also I don't want to take the time to list everything that I have to trade, what are you looking for? Zoas, palys, or SPS? Are you looking to trade small frags?

I'm definately interested in the pink tulip mille,

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Ditto of what Hydro said about specifics. Hamp,I would like what you have to offer. That ORA Red Planet is off the chain! Let me know if you would like something in my tank or how much you are asking for a frag.

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I am looking for any corals that will make my tank look like a candy store. No leathers because I have SPS. Im also not into spot feeding corals. I am the type that likes to set it and forget it. It's all about the ease of use and enjoyment of my tank without having to get my hands wet daily :)

Hamp, I definitely want a Red Planet. It's been on my list, seems to be hardy and a fast grower. I tried to do a video, but I'll have to try it again tomorrow, since I am doing them with a Nikon D90, it's a pain to have to focus and re-focus. :)

I am going to be trading with quite a few people, so 1 1/2" frags are about the size that I will have and am looking for.

Here are some specific pictures:

America's Mille, from GMFett (A former tank owner in ATX)


My bubblegum acro (not on the list above)


Blue Tip Valida (It's actually purple)


Silver Bullet A Prostrata (changes color depending on placement, have actually seen it turn yellow)


ATL Pink Tulip Mille (Always a stunner)


Paletta Blue and Paletta Lovelli in this pic (The blue is in the bottom left, the Lovelli is the huge colony back right)


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ORA German (I LOVE this coral)


Erik's Purple Valida ( :) )


B&B Green / Blue


The only one not listed is the TT I dunno because I can't remember what it is. Pretty certain it has lineage though, and I will post it when Todd calls me back. :)

Oh and I have Yumas,




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I'm interested in

  1. ORA german
  2. americas mili
  3. silver bullet
  4. pink tulip mili
  5. palleta lovelii

I would be willing to trade one for one

  1. Red planet
  2. Sunset mili
  3. tubs pink jade
  4. pink lemonade
  5. incredible hulk
  6. Corbins tort, you will not find this ANYWHERE. This coral would be traded for 2 of your frags if you want it (unless you want a small frag), the frags are encrusted and baout 1" tall and super rare.
  7. hydnophora
  8. seafoam acro, super rare, would be a 1/2" frag
  9. ORA green porcilapora (will offer you a small colony for a small frag of yours)
  10. Blood red lobo
  11. mohawk zoas
  12. longhorn palys
  13. Several heads of candy cane both colors green and blue, will trade several heads for a small frag
  14. Other corals avaible

post-1255-041309100 1277991538_thumb.jpg

post-1255-019278100 1277991575_thumb.jpg

post-1255-053959600 1277991589_thumb.jpg

post-1255-048618700 1277991652_thumb.jpg

post-1255-032481300 1277991718_thumb.jpg

post-1255-013149700 1277991846_thumb.jpg

post-1255-064999300 1277992146_thumb.jpg

post-1255-046555700 1277992167_thumb.jpg

post-1255-087324400 1277992189_thumb.jpg

post-1255-058540200 1277992213_thumb.jpg

post-1255-016097900 1277992392_thumb.jpg

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I also have

  1. emerald stag
  2. "A" insignis sps
  3. Hyacinth bird nest
  4. Tri color
  5. garf bonsai
  6. miyagi tort
  7. ORA stylophora
  8. ORA chips (very nice)

If you want to see a picture that I didn't post let me know

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Hydro you have a bunch of nice stuff. Once I get on my puter I'll post what I want. :(

I look forward to trading!

Lamont, same thing señor!

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Hey Erik, I've been looking for that ORA German Blue. Possibly interested in the Loveli or B & B blue and green etc. depending on if you're interested in anything I have.

LMK what you might be interested in and I'll try and get pics. ~ Brian

Chili coral

Eye Of Rah zoas

Christmas Tree zoas

Orange with brown skirt zoas

Pink Panther zoas

Pavona Cactus

Orange digi

Purple digi

small frags of JG Pink Champagne

Green Palys

Blue tipped green stag

Green slimer (large)

Ponape birdsnest

purple polyp birdsnest

small RBTA (about 2 inches)

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Hamp, I would LOVE a Red Planet, what would you like?


I would like these:

"A" insignis sps

garf bonsai

ORA Chips

miyagi tort

and the Corbins tort if I could see a picture, possibly.

For the second frag, I would just give you a LARGE piece of the Lovelli, like 3" or larger.


LOL I have approximately 2000 Christmas Zoas :)

I'll trade you a big Lovellie for a Green Slimer and some purple birdsnest?

Let me know.

Lamont, I am gonna check out your video right about now! :D

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I would like these:

JG Yellow

Hollywood Stunner Chalice

Pokerstar Monti

Superman Monti

Montipora Hispada

Let me know if those are fraggable. :)


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Brian do you mind posting a picture of the pink champagne? Sounds interetsing, thanks.

Hydro, here are a couple pics of my Pink Champagne, it's one of my favorites. Kind of has an aquamarine color with pink polyps and it glows. I can't capture the colors with my digital camera but they are somewhat similar to the pink jade only lighter and it grows in a more upright stag type habit. I got it from John Gilbert before he left the hobby and I have not seen it available anywhere on line.

I'm bummed I won't be able to hit your garage sale next weekend due to work. I'd like to check out that 440 sometime.

post-732-046296100 1278265527_thumb.jpg

post-732-037539800 1278267315_thumb.jpg

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Oh and if you have some of those blastos, I would like some of those as well. :(

Me or Lamont on the blastos?

Actually it was me who had listed some blastos but I sold them yesterday - sorry Erik. Erik, I was most interested in the Geman Blue but saw on one post that you added - not available - is it gone?


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I meant Lamont on the Blastos :(

Brian, The German is in short supply, very very short supply. I can see if I can get a frag of it though, but it will be small. I said I would never frag it, but here I am. It's amazing what addiction will do to you! :D

I'd like to meet up at the Dome on Friday, lets say at 7:30?

Please post here to avoid any confusion, and please post wether or not you all can make it, and wether or not you can complete your list. I do not need any frags mounted, but if they are already, that's fine. I don't mount my frags either, makes it easier to glue to rockwork. Also I am out of plugs!!

My next post I will confirm what I can bring to each of you guys. If you agree, I'll SEE YOU AT THE DOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

::excitement:: :P

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