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Calcium Reactor


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I have had my calcium reactor setup for about two weeks. I am having issues keeping the CO2 flow regular. It will put out three or four bubbles then stop for 10 seconds then do three bubbles again. No matter what pressure I have my needle valve on I cannot get it to be regular. I currently have the pressure turned all the way up to 50 PSI to get three bubble every ten seconds or so. If I turn it down below 30 PSI then the bubbles will eventually stop all together. Does anyone know how to tell if a regulator/needle valve has gone bad? Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy this? Thanks in advance.

Also, with the PSI turned to 50 PSI my KH has gone all the way up to 14 and my CA is at 460. All of my corals seem very happy. As I am still very new to the whole calcium reactor I don't know if this is way too high. I have heard of people running their KH at 11 or 12, but never 14. Is this way too high? Also, I am not sure what my MG is because I don't trust my current test, and haven't made it to the LFS to pick up a new one.

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I don't have an answer for you but why don't you take some time to tell us more about the system. That way you will much better answers.

CA reactors need to be precise, and so do your answers. Take a minute to at the very least write the brand name of the regulator and valve or any answers will only be guesses. There are many manufacturers, thus just as many answers. Then tell us what size tanks you are running, was the system new or used, what brand of controller are you using, what size tank, what are the inhabitants, etc..

That way people with first hand knowledge about your particular regulator can chime in, then others can give the recommended settings and usage to your tank as per your second set of questions.

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K. I was in a hurry during the first post so I didn't get more info in.

Tank specs:

100 gallon rimless 36x37x18

40 gallon refugium

117 lbs. LR

90 lbs. of Tropic Eden Aragasnow

SWC Xtreme Mini Cone Protein Skimmer

Reeflo Snapper return pump

Vortech MP40W ES

Used Precision Marine CR series Calcium Reactor

5 lbs CO2 bottle with M3 regulator and Tiren solenoid/needle valve

Aquacontroller II is my controller

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powder blue tang

coral beauty angel

orchid dottyback

pink spotted watchman goby

ocellaris clown

six line wrasse

small cleanup crew


approx 20 different SPS

approx 15 different LPS

assorted zoas and palys

one 5 in gold teardrop maxim

also, I forgot to add that I run carbon and gfo via a TLF reactor

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Ah seeing that it is "used" makes a huge difference. My understanding is that the needle valuables are a real PITA. I've also heard that they take some abuse once set up and I wouldn't be surprised a bit to find out that they become worn into place and that they don't set up again very well.

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