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colonies for sale


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  1. There are 3 pictures of the bloodred blastomusa posted, the one that is in the sand is the head that is for sale for $75, the other head is to show it in better light and is not for sale. This is a awesome coral and is very hard to find.
  2. Blue candy cane $5 per head 4 head min
  3. Neon green kryptonite $5 per head 4 head min
  4. 2 colonies of hydnophora coral (neon green sps) about 2" across with multiple branches $35
  5. Rock with yellow polyps about the size of my fist for $25
  6. Rock with nuclear green zoas, baby blue yellow skirt zoas (hard to find), and anthelia $35.

post-1255-023070200 1277514571_thumb.jpg

post-1255-097398400 1277514577_thumb.jpg

post-1255-009740000 1277514584_thumb.jpg

post-1255-058979500 1277514589_thumb.jpg

post-1255-097937300 1277514595_thumb.jpg

post-1255-057359500 1277514602_thumb.jpg

post-1255-052834400 1277514618_thumb.jpg

post-1255-021807700 1277514627_thumb.jpg

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  1. 6" long rock with a kenya tree coral about 2-3" across and the rock is a couple of pounds $35
  2. 6" rock with neon green nepthea about 2-3" tall), not the pale looking nepthea, this stuff nearly glows in the dark. $35
  3. 5" rock with ORA green tip pocillopora $35

post-1255-027335800 1277515887_thumb.jpg

post-1255-033297000 1277515894_thumb.jpg

post-1255-021595000 1277515901_thumb.jpg

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