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Live Rock and Sand


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Hi All,

I need to get what's left out of my tank so I can start preparing for a garage sale. Here are the new prices:

LR w/plate coral - $15

LR w/zoas - $25 (pending)

LR w/pulse corals - $15

LR w/Hawaiian fan worm - $15

LR w/yellow sea sponge - $15

bubble coral - $25

trumpet coral - $15

royal gramma - $15

watchman goby - $15

All sand - $25

post-1201-002119400 1277417952_thumb.jpg

post-1201-027772700 1277418031_thumb.jpg

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Email didn't go through, but I've attached the photos below. Send me a pm if interested.


Please forward pictures of the bubble coral, yellow sponge and trumpet coral to me. Thanks Sherri s_griffin at yahoo dot com

post-1201-042473100 1277514874_thumb.jpg

post-1201-085430200 1277514942_thumb.jpg

post-1201-010947200 1277515003_thumb.jpg

post-1201-094920300 1277515097_thumb.jpg

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