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Octopus Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor $200


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Octopus Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor


Ive been running this reactor for about 1 year and haven't had a single problem with it. Since I purchased this reactor Octopus has made a few design changes. The changes they made were relocating the inlet to the circulating pump and replacing the lids with screw tops. The redesign should make refilling and cleaning the reactor easier but the one I have is not difficult in any way. It takes me less then one minute to turn a few thumb screws and a compression fitting and the tops are off.The pump runs quite and has been pumping along since i plugged it in.Initial setup and dial in was straight forward and simple. Dialing it in took only 4 or 5 adjustments over a few days and i really haven't had to mess with it since.IMO this reactor is well worth the money and i would highly recommend it to anyone. So if your in the market for a calcium reactor I would definitely consider looking into an Octopus reactor.asking price $200 reactor only

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- Includes pH Probe port for easy integration with pH controller

- Equipped with quality circulation pump

- Chamber Diameter: approx. 5.5"

- Height: approx. 22"

- Foot Print: approx. 18" x 9.5"

- Recommended for tanks up to 600 gal.

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