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i got this in a while back and decided to do my sand bed different and dont have much room with theese two.the elegance is an australlian pink tip, hard to see in the pic but i dont have a great camera. it doesnt have the disease that alot of them have been having, its been captive for over 8 months now and doing great. its skeleton is the size of a softball and blows up in the day to around 7 inches up down and all around and almost need sunglasses to look at its mouths its so metallic. im passing it on at the great price i got it for at $150 cheaper than any place you will find an aussie this big.

second is this huge plate ive had for a while now. 4 inch skeleton and daytime 8 inches with LONG tentacles the green base also has stripes that swirl all on it. asking only $60.

both are for sandbed only and they will need some room. i have never manually fed these two so not nessasery. i live out of town so could meet up and deliver on weekends

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