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60g Cube, Stand, Skimmer, Refugium...$240


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Long, sobbing story short, my Nova Extreme Pro light fixture sank in my 60g last night like the Titanic...all the livestock, myself included, survived. That light was less than a year old and it is sign from above to gut the tank, get more of your life back, and move on. So for sale is:

**60 gallon Cube tank...needs a 3 foot light fixture....:wave:...it' in pristine condition with no scratches and has no centerbrace, which makes maintenance easy.

**Matching stand with smoked glass door

**Eshopps External Overflow

**Mag 7 pump

**Euroreef RS 80 skimmer

**20g refugium FILLED with live sand, liverock and macro algae. The tank has been running for a little less than a year.

**Koralia 4

**Medium Mag Float

**appox. 20 pounds of base rock

**all the sand that is filled with critters...

The tank is still up and running and will be until it is sold...so if you do plan on purchasing, you can save the 80 gallons of water...you just need to transfer it.


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I split it between the 2-55g's, the 29g, the 24JBJ and the 20g....now the 55g's look like display tanks because the liverock was placed there also...I really like it, but it also has my million dollar corals!!:)

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I can't believe it lasted as long as it did. If I wouldn't have just completed my frag tank, I would snatched that up in heart beat.

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