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Shrooms and GSP


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I've got a couple of small softies that I need to get rid of. The first is a red (dark orange?) shroom on a frag plug that's about the size of a 50-cent piece. It's got a baby along side that's less than 1/2" across. Asking $10

I also have a purple and blue shroom on a frag plug that's a little bigger than a quarter. Asking $10.

Lastly, I have a chunk of neon GSP on a frag plug. Asking $5.

All frags have been on the plugs for several weeks, minimum. Pics are of the parent colonies (with my male lyretail mugging in the GSP photo ; ). As always, trades are welcome, esp zoas that I don't yet have.

post-827-032141800 1276973378_thumb.jpg

post-827-002645700 1276973422_thumb.jpg

post-827-077214500 1276973443_thumb.jpg

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