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I made the classic mistake of thinking a 20g long would fit under my stand. Got it home and it will not fit between my braces. Grr! It was so, so close too.

So... I have a 20g long glass tank drilled with a bulk head at the upper corner on the long side of the tank (will post pics in a bit). The tank is freshly cleaned out, water tested and in good functional shape. It has (light) hard water staining so would be best for a sump/fuge vs. a display unless you want to get rid of the staining.

Here is what I am looking for:

20G TALL (I know this will fit, already have one under my display) tank drilled at the top either on the short side or on the long side very close to the short side (close to a corner). Must be drilled at the top of the tank!!! The closer to the top the better for my purposes.

I would also consider a smaller 10-15 gallon tank drilled with a bulk head at the top of the tank. Must be clean, water tight and in decent shape. I don't care if it's glass or acrylic, custom or prefab. I do want it to be clear so I can see into it.

Would prefer no bubble traps or anything else in the tank (gonna be using it as a fuge, not a sump).

I'm really looking for a straight trade but would be willing to sell my sump for $25 which is what I just paid for it.

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