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Red/Pink Acan Colony


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I've decided to part with one of larger acan colonies to make room on my sandbed.

This piece is about 4"x"4 across with probably more than 40 heads on it (I can't count them all).

Acans are easy to keep, but grow slow. They don't need a lot of light (less light the better) and add a splash of color to any tank.

$50, first come, first served. Cash or paypal. Payment can be made via paypal if you want to hold it.

Under actinics:

post-632-004217400 1276906278_thumb.jpg

I picked it up for size reference:

post-632-000526300 1276906293_thumb.jpg

Fully inflated:

post-632-007232500 1276906300_thumb.jpg

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