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I saw this on Craiglist, and I felt bad. I have a full house right now, or else I would. I even tried my mom. lol.

Grieving Dog in need of Home (Pflugerville)

Small mixed breed dog in need of lots of TLC after owner passed away. "PJ" is about 10 pounds and most likely a maltese/schnauzer/cocker mix of some sort. She is mostly black with a bit of grey in her hair. She recently had a bath and hair cut at a local pet grooming establishment. She is up to date on her shots and the name of her vet will be provided if you wish. She most likely needs to have some work done on her teeth. She has a large but (according to the vet) benign tumor on her back and numerous warts. You would have to have a special place in your heart for this dog. I understand that. But she has been a faithful and loving companion to my friend for the past 12 years. Now that my friend has passed, I see no reason to have this sweet dog meet the same fate. My children have severe allergies so I can not keep her myself.

I am not asking for any money for this animal - only that you have good intentions to love and keep this little dog and treat her well. She would be an excellent dog for someone who lives quietly, however she is used to living with other cats and dogs and is good with children.

PLEASE - my grief for the loss of my friend is overwhelming. I can not stand the thought of this poor creature losing her life too. Or worse, being taken by some heartless individual who might maltreat her. If you have a big heart, love dogs and can help me honor the wishes and memory of my friend by giving PJ a good loving home, please contact me.

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