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New 23" Dell HD Widescreen Monitor

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I have a like new 23" Dell wide screen HD monitor that I want to get rid of. I thought I would post here before craigslist. Here are the details:


I bought this as a temporary solution when in-between laptops, and used it for about 2 weeks. I packed it back in its original box when moving down to Austin, and have not touched it since then (February), so I would not consider it brand new, but very very close. Retail price is $239.00, I will sell it for $170, plus a frag or two of any softie or LPS (just to keep it reef related :-) ) The monitor has a 3 year warranty, but I am not sure if I can find the receipt (Allot of things still MIA from the move). If you have any trouble with it, I will gladly refund the money.

Also, we have a lamp from target we need to get rid of (Turns out the pink/red does not go well in the baby's room, since we are having a boy). I will throw the lamp in with the monitor if you want it, or anyone can have it for $10 or a frag. The lamp:


Let me know if your interested!


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