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Corals and Fish


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Here's what I still got in my 29 gal aquarium for sale.


Royal Gramma $30

Yellow Watchman Goby $30

Corals & Invertebrates

Bubble Coral $40 (act fast, may be gone by the weekend)

Plate Coral attached to live rock $30

Pulse Coral attached to live rock $15 per colony ($20 if two colonies attached to same rock)

Trumpet Coral $30

Small Zoas attached to large live rock $25

Hermit crab $5

Hawaiian fan worm attached to live rock $20

Yellow Sea Fan (needs some TLC - Free with any other purchase)

Plate Coral fragments $5

Will start parting out sand and live rock in another week!

post-1201-098376400 1276576501_thumb.jpg

post-1201-051254900 1276576655_thumb.jpg

post-1201-010011200 1276576790_thumb.jpg

post-1201-091497400 1276576946_thumb.jpg

post-1201-030946700 1276577066_thumb.jpg

post-1201-031735300 1276577122_thumb.jpg

post-1201-054851000 1276577161_thumb.jpg

post-1201-063468100 1276577264_thumb.jpg

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The plate is orange and the second photo from the top on the left hand side. The light areas around the edge are new growth that has developed within the past two weeks (it grows pretty fast). Let me know if you are interested :).


do you have a pic of the plate

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