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Need to move out some stuff


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I want to keep me large tank at a lower maintenance and move out some other things. I also need some funds for one of my dogs vet visit (hip xrays and senior blood work).hmm.png

Hopefully the photos will load in the order I list things:

1. Blasto head (not sure what specific type). Something bothered the main head so it's not full, but there are three babies growing - $10 (PENDING Sherri)

1a. Zoas to the right of the blasto - yellow skirts and yellow centers, approx 20 polyps - $15.

2. Red Digi - nice bright red polyps, multiple branches - $10

3. Sunburst Monti about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" - $20

4. Pokerstar Monti about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" - $20

5. Zoas - green skirts, orange centers - $10 SOLD

6. Watermelon Zoas, 20+ polyps - $20 SOLD

7. Bright red Shrooms on Rock, at least three big ones and some smaller ones - $15 (PENDING Sherri)

8. Hybrid Torch/Hammer, at least three heads - $20 SOLD

9. Green hammer with pink tips, at least two heads - $15 (PENDING bigsby)

10. Rainbow Pocillipora mini coloni close to 3" around - $15

11. Ricordia Rock (horrible photo). There are three light green, one blue and three orange with grey center/green mouths on one rock - $40 (PENDING Sherri)

13. Pink Acan, recently got in a trade from another member. 10+ heads...it's not fully expaneded - $45 (PENDING Sherri)

15. Red with grey/white acans, at least 15 heads - $55 (PENDING Sherri)

16. Brown zoas with pink centers, at least 15 polyps - $10. SOLD

12. Green Acan, needs some TLC - $15 (PENDING Sherri)

I will make deals if you want multiple items.

post-429-013210900 1276128988_thumb.jpg

post-429-036317600 1276129002_thumb.jpg

post-429-020158600 1276129011_thumb.jpg

post-429-039981700 1276129020_thumb.jpg

post-429-017120700 1276129034_thumb.jpg

post-429-012756600 1276129042_thumb.jpg

post-429-095664500 1276129049_thumb.jpg

post-429-056173800 1276129058_thumb.jpg

post-429-002974500 1276129071_thumb.jpg

post-429-020315800 1276129081_thumb.jpg

post-429-012838500 1276129098_thumb.jpg

post-429-097768200 1276129108_thumb.jpg

post-429-062317700 1276129121_thumb.jpg

post-429-013732500 1276129134_thumb.jpg

post-429-082800100 1276129146_thumb.jpg

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Please put me down for #'s 5, 6, 8 and 16. I can pay with PayPal anytime if you have an account to hold these. Also, I may not be able to pickup until Saturday or Sunday if that is alright with you.



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Some more...

17. Tubbs Blue Zoas - Approx 20 polyps (closed because I cleaned the glass before photo) - $40

18. 4x3 piece of Green Star Polyps (hard to get a good pic) - $5

19. Three frags of Red Lava Chalice. They are not liking my frag tank and are fading around the edge a little - $10 each

20. Creamish Zoas, still have these, 30+ polyps - $15

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One more for tonight:

21. Cyphastrea...originally from Chad and Belinda. I think it's called a Purple People Cyphastrea. It's encrusted nicely so I'm going to break off the round part (approx 1" all around) and sell for $20. It's green with purple polyps. (PENDING finfriend)

post-429-044030600 1276132809_thumb.jpg

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PM sent


Let me know when I can come over and look. I would like 1,7,11,12,13,15.

Sorry to hear about the older dog




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I just realized I put the wrong name of the coral down...duh...so sorry. It's actually a sunburst monti I believe. Deep orange with orange polyps. Still want it?

Dena, I'd like 3 and 21 if they're still available.

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EVERYTHING is pending. If someone changes their mind, I'll repost the items still available after pick ups tomorrow night.



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10. Rainbow Pocillipora mini colony close to 3" around - $15

Dena, if you still have this available, please let me know. I would like to pick this up as well and will pay using your paypal account. Either way!!

Thanks again,


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It's always nice having you over...Thunder enjoys it too, the little ham! Everything is sold, plus a few extras. I actually made enough to pay off Sissy's vet bill!!!! She's feeling much better and was up and about for the visit we had this evening. Hopefully we can keep her pain at bay for a couple months at least.

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