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30g Finnex M tank and 5 AIO


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I have a 30gFinnex M tank and DIY All in one 5g for sale, fully equipped and stocked.

Included in30g:

Finnex M Tank(30g)

4x24w T5retro (2x 2x24w)

(bulbs are 2xBlue plus, 1x Aquablue Sp., 1x Fiji Purple)( bought 8/20/09)

(UV Actinicwhite- new, but tested)

AquaC RemoraSkimmer with majijet 1200

150w heater

Autotopoff.comdual switch top off ( http://autotopoff.com/products/DS1/ ) also includedmajijet 1200 and tubing and 10g tank

EcotechVortech MP10 (bought (10/12/09)

5g Standard(with foam/sand wall)

Majijet 1200

Coralife 2x9wPc lighting

Aqueon 30filter with 2 extra filters

Also includedare misc stuff:

$18.71 storecredit to Fishy bussiness

$34.53 toRiver city Aquatics

2x Koralia 2pumps with magnets




10G? ofCoralife salt mix

2x5g and 1x7gwater containers

SalifertMagnesium Test kit

API Reefmaster test kit

New bottle ofESV Magnesium, partal (maybe half?) bottles of Seachem Reef Complete andCalcium and ESV alk.

Finnex 13wFuge light with replaced bulb.

Marine Depotrefractometer

Misc pelletand flake food, some frozen as well.

BostonAquafarms reef glue (a 2oz bottle?)

Few reefplugs (agrocrete)

Filter pads

2.5g aquarium(almost new)


Large49x24x24 stand, built thick

Customlighting enclosure with chains and hooks for hanging.

Custom fanenclosure with fan for evaporation cooling




False Perculaclown


6 Line wrasse


Large(5"?) Dearsa clam

Small 21/2" Derasa Clam



Black brittlestar

Various(10-15) snails, mostly small and florida ceriths)



Large openbrain (mostly light green but with few colors infused) a little irritated byclown, but good eater

Nice 3 mouthElegance coral

Large (70+)colony of green favia

10 head greencandycane

5 headpurple/green hammer (branching)

Large 6"rock COVERED in various and vibrate zoas from pacific east aquaculture

Misc otherattached zoa/palys from pacific east (atleast 4 clumps)

4 heads ofpinkish (red sea?) xenia

Large 5"across deep green toadstool

Almost handsized white finger leather

2 decentsized Stylo frags, 15+ small branches (recommended fragging)

Large fistsize red/green with misc. colored Scolly

3" twobranched acro nana (traded under at-least)

Large fistsize pink/purple monti cap

Fist sizedTan with green highlight Montipora spongodes

Variousseeding zoa on rocks aswell.

About 20lbs?of live rock, a little barren after a small asteria star problem, but takencare of and beginning to recover coraline


Note thatthere are a few flatworms, but too minor for me to worry, however if any tanktransfer occurs, be aware of their presence.

5g tank:

Orangespotted goby with light Tiger Pistol shrimp

5-7lbs oflive rock

1 1/2"sandbed

Interested inselling all as a whole, but if one is interested in just one system or just allof the livestock, I can talk.

Will not partout or sell individual livestock.

Willing tosettle on price for all coral.

post-712-090408200 1275334329_thumb.jpg

post-712-007981500 1275334357_thumb.jpg

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