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Tank Consolidation


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I am picking up a 130 G tank later this week and plan on trying to consolidate contents (most of the fish, liverock, sand, and soft corals) from 2 tanks into the one. I have been reading through sites trying to get info, advice, recommendations to make this happen, but what I really need is a source for maybe some large containers.

If anyone out there (would prefer North austin area if at all possible, I'm about 4 miles west of RCA) has any type of large container (e.g 20 - 40 gallon trash can or rubbermaid container use for water changes or livestock moves) that they could spare for a few days to help me make the move go a little smoother I would really appreciate it.

I'm tentative on an actual date at this point, but I plan to pick up the tank this Sunday and maybe try to make the consolidation the week after.

Anyway, anyone that wants to send me some advice (either through personal experience or maybe a good source out there on the net) or could lend out their container for a few days, I would really appreciate it.

Michael McDermott

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Hey Michael,

My roommate and I actually just moved from a 75g to a 90g last weekend. I have a 48g rubbermaid tub that was used to hold our fish and some live rock during the move. You are welcome to use it. It's just holding some miscellaneous aquarium stuff at the moment. I live over in the Arboretum area. Just throw me a PM on here if you're interested.

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