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My little baby isn't so little ;)


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I was goofing around today and took some measurements of my RTC. Just a mere 8 months ago, he was 2 inches long when he plopped out of the net, into his first tank. Now at 12 inches and in his 2nd tank, he will soon be big enough for his final destination :doh: Le Big Pond.

After doubting his personality, my fears were calmed by other owners of this magnificent animal. I just adore him so much, and he's so pretty (to me anyway). I know he's deformed with his upper jaw, and I have gotten a lot of messages saying I should have culled him when I got him, but I really don't agree. If he were in pain, or showed any distress, or seemed stunted, then of course I would, but he just happily swims around his tank, followed by his Lima girlfriend who never leaves his side. He eats like a piggy, and has the belly to show it. He eats out of my hands gentler than I would have thought, but I also hold onto it to show him whats food and what's not. My giraffe seems to have shown him if he comes up to the top of the tank and hovers, he will get my attention because now the both do it. (while the Lima hovers in a headstand in her corner waiting for Joker to come back).

Just wanted to share some pics of my baby. I'm sure some others will make there way into the shot. The middle one is when I got him in August 09. The next ones are him today.




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