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75 Gallon Full set up


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Just wanted to put this out there in case anybody was interested in trading or upgrading the size of their system. Im looking to downgrade my tank and get into something just a bit smaller like the 30 to 50 gallon range. I would like to get into something no bigger than 36" in length.

Here is what i have:

-75 Gallon All Glass aquarium with light wood colored trim, custom drilled with a glass_holes.com 1500 gph overflow with dual 1.5" drains. The tank is about 2 years old and in really good condition.

-Light pine colored stand

-Current Sunpod MH fixture with a total 500 watts. 4 month old Pheonix 14K bulbs. 9 blue and 9 white LEDs. Remote ballasts with cooling fans.

-Octopus extreme 160 protein skimmer with the ATB purple pin wheel

-Eshopps sump/refugium with roughly 23 gallon capacity

-Mag 7 return pump

-roughly 50 lbs of live sand

-3 koralia 3 powerheads

I will probalby keep all live rock and live stock for the new setup. Pictures are available upon request, just dont have any here at work. I live in Buda. let me know if you are interested and what you have.

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Yes, the tank is a standard 48". Actually, I want to get into a tank no more than 36" in length. Also, just to note, I would like the trade to be close to or equal value of what i have. If not, im sure we can work something out. If i cant find anybody who wants to trade I will definately be parting out. I will give it a couple of days though. Thanks for your interest in the Sunpod, diabeetus. Someone else has first dibs if i do end up parting but if that falls through i will let you know.

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Here are some photos of my Solana that I just PM'd you about. I don't have any full shots of the one I mentioned, just the tank shot. The full shot is of my other one...has the same kind of stand and similar light "holder", just a metal halide pendant and no door on the stand. BTW, if the door is an issue then I can see how much difference in size the two stands are and the door on my other one may fit.



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I have a 40 gal setup the only thing missing is the light as mine broke awhile back and I havent used it so I never bought a new one..... its complete with stand, tank, filter has been up and running for over a yr.... does yours come with a protien skimmer?

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I have a 46 gallon bowfront....comes with:

Current 4 bulb T5 lighting, 2 10k and 2 actinic, 4 LED moonlights, timer and cooling fans, 156 watts

Fluval 305 canister filter

Octopus HOB skimmer, model BH100

Koralia 2 and Koralia Nano powerheads

Digital thermonitor

70 pounds live rock, all fiji

20 pounds live sand

This tank has been setup for about 6 months now and is in excellent condition.


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