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QT time?


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I made it home yesterday, missing the beach already! Waaa!

Most of my critters made it home alive. I lost a hermit the kids wanted to keep. Not to bummed about that aside from just general sadness a living creature died.

I have 3 fighting conchs, some snails and limpets in my old fuge which isn't tied into the tank right now. I also dumped in a bunch of mangrove pods. How long do I QT these

guys for and what am I even looking for disease/ parasite wise? I never QT snails, but for some reason since I caught these wild myself I suddenly feel like I should do something other than just dump them in my tank!

If all the conchs make it would anyone like one? I assumed one or more would die and I may still see a loss, but so far they are all doing good and I really don't want 3! They are about 2" long. I'm impressed by how tough those guys are.

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Minimum QT would be around 2 weeks. Recommended is around 4 weeks. For wild caught items I would definitely go longer. Your first off making sure they look healthy through the whole procedure. No slow snails here... You want to make sure that you have enough time for any parasites or hitchhikers they have on them to show up.

Other than that I think you are pretty safe with the conchs. I can't think of many snail born illnesses.

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