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Freshwater Fish for sale

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Need to thin the heard a bit to break down some tanks.

5 inch Festivum $10

6 inch Rotkeil Severum $10

Plecos- Chocolate and Hi Fins $5 each (3-4 inches)

Common Pleco- lady walked in to the fish store with it in a ziploc. I couldn't say no to it when she asked if we had a tank. Hers busted. He is free to a good home. Please specify tank size if interested in him. He's about 8 inches and healthy.

Still going thru stock so I may run across some I can't think of right now.


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Gosh Melissa...if any of my tanks were freshwater again, I'd be all over your blood parrot!! I used to have one and I actually cried when she died because of her wonderful personality!!

My husband keeps questioning me on this too. Big P was my first freshwater fish when I started back up 3 1/2 years ago. His mate died which we got at the same time as him, and oh how I cried. We went through a period a few months ago where I lost each parrot, one a week for almost 6 weeks. I tried to detach from them. My clan of 8 big fatties dwindled down to only Big D, and a baby one eyed rescue. He likes to make my frontosa mad by rearranging their nests that they so diligently make lol, and that's why I was going to sell him. Dang, it, now I'm pulling him off the list and reevaluate. lol Thanks Mama :)

C&B, I will try the full editor mode. Thanks a bunch :D *it worked*

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