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Spring Cleaning Sale!

John Maloney

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Well the weather is finally nice again, and we would like to offer you the introductory prices we offered on certain products, for a limited time:

Dwarf Ceriths - $.10 each

Florida Ceriths - $.35 each

Nassarius Snails - $.35 each

Blue Leg Hermits - $.25 each - nice assortment with extras. Not the micros in all black dwarf cerith shells.

Nerites - large - $.40 each - very nice sizes

Chitons - $1.50 each

Limpets - $.40 each

Chaeto - $4 each

Halimeda - (if available during sale should come in midway) $5 from high quality supply

Ulva - $3 per plant

Gracilaria $3 per plant

5 pack of mangroves $3

And some other specials like porcelains for $2, $4 filter feeder mix, $2.25 for our base rock with shipping included on most orders etc...All the basics to keep the tank looking good, and of course the service and support that you can't find anywhere else. Big Sale is Super Awesome. :)

Ask for free stuff from the Keys and you shall receive. Will be gone on Thursday and Friday for that trip though, so emails will be slow those two days. The next shipping day is Tuesday, so we can catch up on emails after our return from down south. If we aren't familiar with your tank setup, leave us a note about what you have going on so we can match free items to good homes.

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well john cant pass this up,order in, over 250 items to help out for less than 60 bucks, told you i would order after the mortgage

is this the place you were talking about when i was at your house?

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