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Reef Book Recommendations?


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I'm new to the hobby. I bought a tank that was somewhat established, FOWLR, and had it moved about two weeks ago. The original owner did not really maintain it that well and I am just getting my parameters to stabilize a bit after the move. I am planning on letting the tank settle for probably 6 more weeks or so before I add anything. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend some good books in the meantime. Something extremely comprehensive would be ideal. Also I am interested in getting into SPS down the road so any good recommendations on SPS specific books would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

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Welcome to the hobby, glad to see we got another southerner.

These are the books recommended to me by the more experienced club members:

Marine Invertebrates, Calfo; Reef Aquarium Fishes (can't remember author); Aquarium Corals, Eric Borneman; Corals: a quick reference guide, Sprung; Book of Coral Propagation, Calfo; The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, Fenner.

Plus you can't go wrong in reviewing past archive post on this site and the general information provided by the various sponsors for the club. Also take advantage of the generous and benificial information offered by the members of ARC.


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The Reef Aquarium, by Julian Sprung is a great read. The book covers the basics of reef keeping (lighting, filtration, water chemistry, aquascaping, etc), and goes into coral biology. The book also has a chapter on clams and stony corals.

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+1 on the Calfo and Fenner books above.

I also highly reccomend WetWebMedia.org. For years before they "made it big" fenner and Calfo wrote advice columns on that page and the material is still free to use for anyone. Then, if you like it you can pick up Concientious Marine Aquarist and The book of coral propagation.

I think that the above two are the absolute best at taking complicated information and boiling it down so it is understandable to a hobbyist.

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