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How do I attach thumbnails?


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Hi all,

I've noticed that several of you out there routinely post thumbnails rather than the full size images of your shots. This would seem to be somewhat less labor intensive than the resizing I've been doing for any photo I post. Can anyone outline the steps to post a thumbnail please?



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Thanks for the reply Chris,

Maybe I'm just slow (been guilty of this before) but when creating / replying to a topic the only image related options I'm seeing are insert image and insert media.

I've tried insert image and then tried the 4 options under 'share image' in my gallery. None of these have produced a thumb nail (at least in the post preview)

Obviously I'm missing something.

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It may be limited to the Premium Members, which you are one, but for anyone else reading I don't want them to get confused.

In the quick reply below you can only link to an image. It will thumbnail these as well (see below)

But if you go to the full editor there's an "Attachments" section that will let you upload images from your own computer, which will then get thumbnailed as well.

This is a linked image using the IMG tags:


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So, just to clarify there are two things here.

1. Attaching an image to a post.

Chris covered this.

2. Uploading an image to the gallery and then sharing that photo in a post.

You can just copy the BB code into the fast reply and be done with it, or you can click on the insert image button (picture.png) and copy the image link.

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