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  1. I’m looking for some cheap frags, but I wanted to make sure they will be ok with the seahorses I plan on getting. These are all seahorse safe I think? I have a Kenya tree that has been flourishing in my relatively new tank, so I want to add some corals.
  2. I’m starting a tank for seahorses currently and am disappointed there isn’t anything current to read. I have a few pounds of live rock cycling in a 26 gallon bow front with custom filtration and lighting I made from LED strips. It’s super ugly, but as I add macro algae and other stuff things will balance out and get pretty.
  3. I’m starting my first tank. The tank will be live rock, clean up crew and macro algae. Later adding seahorses. Maybe a mandarinfish... haven’t decided. I'm hoping I could get some macro algae and/or copepods to get them colonizing. PM me if you would be interested in trading for CBD flower (I work at a CBD store)
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