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  3. as soon as the power turns on, your pumps willl start filling the top tank and as soon as the water level reaches the intake (the horizontal screen) the water level will be higher and start to flow. :-)
  4. Yes, I'm going to make one of up clear pipe so you can see it in action. :-) Stay tuned.
  5. Hello, We are looking for feedback and opinions about a part we are about to sell. The part is not yet for sale on our website but the patent has been approved and we have a 2nd one pending. But we feel we'd like to show the reef/aquarium industry what it is. What it is, is a way to build your own overflow out of pvc fittings for less than $20. It's main features is that it'll very narrow so it'll put your tank closer to the wall, that it's scaleable and except for one part it's all made out of common pvc fittings. I ran two in my own tanks for years before we started the patent process to make sure I had everything figured out. But others have different perspectives and we are looking for feedback before we go into production with it. So here it is: (if the above do not show) http://flexpvc.com/projects/DIYPVCOverflowDual1.jpg http://flexpvc.com/projects/DIYPVCOverflowDual2.jpg http://flexpvc.com/projects/DIYPVCOverflowDual3.jpg This is a dual (2) chamber unit but you can build them as wide as your tank. No limit. These are made of 1.5" chambers with 1" flow path. Distance from the back to the tank to the wall would be just a bit over 2". Each camber has a capacity of about 1000gph. So 2 chambers would be 2000gph, 10 chambers would be 10,000gph, etc. (theoretical) I tested this with pumps rated at 1000gph and the single chamber had no problem keeping up with such a rating. In picture 1 you are looking at the tank side. Ie, that flat screen would be in the tank water, as well as the 2 legs. The flat screen would be your inlet to the overflow. In picture 2 you are looking at the back side, the side outside the tank. The two fittings facing down are your outlets going down to your sump. Picture three is from above. Just to give you another view. Yes, I know it's kinda sucky to have pipes sticking down into your tank on the viewing side. However in all my tanks I've always had tons of rock which hide most of it. I also plan to have black fittings and pipe (but that raises the price a little bit, but for those who are bothered by the white pipe and fittings it's an option.) Yes, with all overflows like this there is the problem of the sound of the water. However I did not find it objectionable for hobbiest tanks. And there are ways to address this with muffling. The flow of the pump has a lot to do with it. So there you have it. Any questions, comments, opinions, suggestions?
  6. Hello, This is Eric at Flexpvc.com. I do all the technical support. I'm posting here to let people we have another way to ask questions. The best way of course is to use the contact us link on our website, http://contact.flexpvc.com, but we are giving the forum idea a try. We recommend you use Twitter to keep up on our sales and new item notifications. https://twitter.com/#!/flexpvc There is also a sale on our economy bulkhead fittings. see http://bulkheads.flexpvc.com Also see my sig below for a lot of short cuts. Also if you like them you can use our toolbar which has them all included: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.alexa.toolbar/atbp/R23A7N/download/index.htm Please start a new thread if you want to ask a question. I'm going to make this a sticky if I can. Happy Reefing.
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