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Please forgive any typos and misspellings as I am up late doing this (multi tasking between checking on the tank, studying for finals and playing call of duty)

Well I forgot to add I have a Tiger Crowley.

I forgot to mention I recently added a 100W 2000K (two thousand) MH fixture (purchased from VASH) and placed in in the center of the tank (the glass partitions made the tank look very dull in the middle).

The tank has no calcium reactor but has been haveing low PH problems. I believe this is because I live in a small house and there is elevated CO2 levels. When I open the windows the PH seems to raise. I dont want to put a hole in the wall or leave the window cracked open. Not sure how I am going to combat this problem since I cant leave the windows open all the time. Curently running high alk to try to combat this issue as well. Recently I have been checking calcium and alk daily (Calcium 390 - 420; ALK: 3.3 - 3.9 meq/L Salifert Test Kit). Currently have been adding 40ml of each of B Ionic 2 part system daily.

I do not test for anything else currently. Any time I check Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate are all 0.

Additives and feeding: Underfeed tank. I cube every other day or 3 days for the tang and inverts. Tang has plenty of LR to graze on. Frequently I pick up a bottle of phyto from Clear Aquarium and spot feed to clams and anenomes. Also will mix with food. Hand feed some krill to tang and anenomes 1x per week.

Once a week add a drop or two of iodine. Water changes every 2-4 weeks of 10-20g depending on schedule. Have a RO unit but currently get TDS readings of 25. Need to replace. Been buying saltwater and producing my own top off. I believe the elevated TDS readings lead to some problems. Firm believer in the less is more method when it comes it additives.

Plans for the Future:

I want to add 1 additional K4. I want to increase the rubbermade tub to a 75 gallon frag tank and sump (will not be filled all the way but want the overflow room for security). Finish out stand with cabinetry. Re do canopy. Build some cabinets for my storage area to the left of the tank. Install ATS and purchase new RO/DI unit. Start growing phytoplankton and feed to tank regurarly.

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