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125g. 6'x18"x21".

Has a 4.5" DSB. Mixed crushed agronite, pink sugar size sand, and sugar size live sand.

Hard to tell how much LR. Best guess is 125 - 140 lbs. I add and take away and move to the sump and refuge so much that the best I can do is guess. Definately have a large apitisia anenome problem. Picked up 5 peppermint shrimp from mama and going to pick up some more. Hopefully the tank will be rid of them soon.

Water Circulation: Tunze Wavebox, K4. Return pump with SCWD wave maker which recieves about 250 GPH input and outputs roughly 200 GPH. This alternates between two 3/4 inch return lines every 11 seconds or so. I know I need to increase the return pump. I have an extra one just sitting int he garage but if I was to lose power with my current set up and had 2 pumps running it would flood the fuge and get water on the floor. This my next project. Need a 75 gallon tank (48"x18"21"). Do you have one you are trying to sell? LMK.

Lighting: Retrofit 48" Universal T5 lighting kit. I know nothing about this as I bought it when I first got into the hobby and someone else basically picked it out. Take 120 volts and ups it to 277. Running two white lights in this compartment. Unsure about the actual bulbs. Need to replace soon. Two 250W MH double ended 14K bulbs. PFO penants and dual ballast. 48" T5 setup that was given to me that I run 2 atinics in.

Clean Up Crew: 1 cleaner shrimp, 5 peppermints, 10 turbo snails, emerald crab, various snails hermits and crabs.

Livestock: Currently running bare bones. Just 1 large and happy sailfin tang. SPS, LPS, Softies, sponges, hitchhikers, Clams. Will try to inventory later

Water flows from right to left and splashes over the internal overflow into...

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