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Auto-feeders, asst. electronics, fake plants

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I have no instruction manuals for any of these, you'll have to Google them. All are functional, but many spent some time in storage. Most are dusty. None have been used with copper medications. We have cats, but nobody in the house smokes, and nothing has been exposed to gluten. I'm in the historical district of Georgetown, pickup only, take as much or as little as you want. Can provide more details upon request.

Top row, left to right: 

Automatic fish feeder, says "AF-2009D", appears to be "RESUN" brand, never used. 

Automatic fish feeder, "Aqua-Chef fish feeder". Contains stale gluten-free fish food dust, has duct tape residue on the back, mounting thing underneath is missing. 

Leviton light timer, dusty, used, works fine.

ZooMed light timer, never used.

Next row: 

Unknown brand air pump. Weak. 

TopFin D-battery-powered air pump. Loud.

Two lights that I should have tested before taking this pic. Ignore those.

Next row: 

Python water changer parts, never used.

Miscellaneous air tubing bits, varying degrees of used.

Cholla wood, used. 

Assorted plastic plants, used.

Little hand-pump thing to stick on the end of a small siphon.


New-in-box HT10 50W heater. 


I also have some fish and a couple of setups I'm looking to rehome, see here: 


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