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  1. Only things I have left are the Halide ballasts and reefbrite controller.
  2. I don't have any available at this time.
  3. Both nems are now sold, thanks!
  4. Bigger nem sold, still have the smaller one for $30!
  5. Im pretty well sold out of most everything. I’ve got a few zoa frags and a few SPS frags, but not a whole lot of selection. WWC AOI, Sunny D, lunar eclipse, fire and ice for zoas fox flame, RR the Vinh, WWC Cookie Monster, and orange setosa is it for SPS pm me if you are interested in anything
  6. I’ve now got 2 of these, the second one is a little smaller at 3” or so. $40 for the big one, $30 for the small one...would love to get them out of the tank this weekend
  7. $60, 4” or so across
  8. Everything is gen 4. Diffusers are in like-new condition. Lights have been run on AB settings at 75% peak and cleaned regularly Located in South Austin near dripping
  9. Cleaning out the closet and prepping for the g5 release, as everyone seems to be, lol. Everything is in perfect working condition unless noted 3x Radion XR30 pro's no diffusers - $550 each....build dates from march 2018 to december 2018 and include original boxes and accessories 3x Radion XR30 diffusers - $30 each 2x Radion XR15 pro's no diffusers - $275 each....build dates are all december 2017 and include original boxes and accessories 2x Kamoer FX-STP pumps - $180 each...come with original boxes and as much tubing as I have available 3x Galaxy 400w dimmable halide ballasts - $80 each 2x Lumenmax elite mogul pendants - $50 each...not perfect condition but not bad at all 1x reef brite single channel dimmer controller - $30 brand new
  10. Hi Alex! Ive got an apex EL, but have swapped out the eb832 for an older style eb8. Great startup kit for $325 includes: apex EL brain (wifi) eb8 Power bar ph and temp probes aquabus cable
  11. yes it does! man...need to turn on notifications for replies on this...didn't see it until now!
  12. I have: WWC AOIs Pink Cat Eye palys Sunny D's Paly Grandis Devils Armor Rastas
  13. With the upgraded tank came a new giant skimmer, so I can sell the 2 old ones. Both come with original boxes and everything needed to run 220-INT elite - $450 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/elite-220-int-9-super-cone-protein-skimmer-reef-octopus.html (1 model older than current, so not exact) Regal 150-SSS - $280 https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/regal-150sss-6-space-saving-protein-skimmer-varios-reef-octopus.html
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