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  1. Definitely! May have to cut some more of a few, but have pretty much everything on the list still.
  2. I do have lots of Zoas for sale if you are interested!
  3. FYI, I'll be heading to RCA tonight for the sale if anyone up north was interested but didn't want to make the drive!
  4. updated the list with what has been sold
  5. Bump, a couple shots of some frags for sale Pink and the Bear ASD Rainbow RR Fruitopia Wild Red Frag
  6. The wife decided a Disney trip was more important than my upgrade to an 8' tank, so I'm going to make them both happen by selling a ton of my livestock and nearly starting fresh on the big tank. I've listed them by category and even listed a couple full rocks for sale. Several of these colony sized acro's are well encrusted and I can't guarantee they will come off in one piece, but I will do my best! Can take pics as needed. Pickup in South Austin near Dripping Category Name Size qty ea SPS ASD Rainbow Lg Frag 1 SOLD SPS BC Shag Priority sm Frag 1 $40 SPS BC Soda Popinski Mini Colony 1 SOLD SPS BC Vectorman Mini Colony 1 $60 SPS CR Commoners Envy Large Colony 1 $80 SPS FHC Cherry Bomb lg Frag 1 $80 SPS FHC Doe C Doe Mini Colony 1 $40 SPS FHC Fire Weed lg Frag 1 $50 SPS FHC Lemon Lime Time lg Frag 1 $20 SPS Green Slimer lg Frag 1 $20 SPS JG Yellow Colony 1 $75 SPS NWA Acid Rain sm Frag 1 $30 SPS NWA Acid Rain md Frag 1 $40 SPS NWA Riddler sm Frag 1 $40 SPS NWA Tangerine Dream sm Frag 0 $40 SPS ORA Laura Purple Polyp Colony 1 $75 SPS PC Rainbow Mini Colony 1 $80 SPS Rainbow Mille Mini Colony 1 $100 SPS Rainbow Mille lg Frag 1 $50 SPS RC Poison Envy lg Frag 1 $50 SPS Red Planet lg Frag 1 $60 SPS Reef Ready Grape Juice Large Colony 1 $150 SPS RR Fruitopia lg Frag 1 $150 SPS RR Kraken lg Frag 1 $150 SPS RR Pink Cadillac Mini Colony 1 $150 SPS RR Vinh Colony 1 $150 SPS Therman Rainbow Mini Colony 1 $60 SPS Tri-Color Colony 1 $60 SPS Tyree Undata lg Frag 4 $10 SPS UC Rose Petal lg Frag 1 $100 SPS Wet Thumbs Creamy Mille lg Frag 1 $40 SPS WWC Cookie Monster Mini Colony 1 $100 SPS WWC Joe Dirt lg Frag 1 $60 SPS WWC Wildfire lg Frag 1 $75 SPS WWC Yellow Tip Stag Lg Frag 1 $25 SPS WWC Yellow Tip Stag Mini Colony 1 $40 Category Name Size qty ea Zoa Rasta Per Polyp 16 $5 Zoa Fruit Loops Per Polyp 22 $5 Zoa WWC AOI Per Polyp 39 $5 Zoa Vivid Rainbow Per Polyp 5 $5 Zoa CR Granny Smith Apple Paly Per Polyp 60 $3 Zoa Paly Grandis Per Polyp 12 $5 Zoa Lunar Eclipse Per Polyp 29 $2 Zoa Armor of God Per Polyp 26 $2 Zoa Pink Paly Per Polyp 3 $5 Zoa Kind Midas Per Polyp 12 $5 Zoa Fire and Ice Per Polyp 5 $3 Category Name Size qty ea Rock 1 about 12x12x5 rock, entirely covered in Zoas/Palys Paly Grandis 25+ polyps Pink Paly 100+ Polyps Armor of God 100+ Polyps Fire and Ice 15+ polyps 1 $400
  7. Tyree Undata Sale! Smaller 1” pieces $10 each. Larger 2”+ piece $20
  8. Bump, lots of stuff still left to sell!
  9. updated with a few sold out notifications and also added a kryptonite candy cane I forgot to list!
  10. Got them from Reef lounge, who asks for $40/head...their pic and mine....their pic shows more gold than I’ve ever seen on them...hence $15 instead of $40
  11. All PMs replied! sample of a pack I cut for someone today (no PE cause they were cut right before photo):
  12. Saturday before 3 I should be free
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