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  1. Cultivated Reef Order

    Thank you all for participating and thank you Jonathan for heading this up. If anyone has any issues with there coral please shot me an email sales@cultivatedreef.com
  2. Cultivated Reef Order

    Peter lives in a 10:30 am delivery zone so hopefully that's when it will be. Thanks to everyone participating!!!
  3. Cultivated Reef Order

    Peter is correct. Monday deliveries are not an option since Fedex doesn't operate on Sundays. So we can either do a Tuesday delivery or a Wednesday delivery.
  4. Cultivated Reef Order

    Hi, Yeah that is the easiest way for everyone. That way each person can earn reward points, earn a TIER discount, and deal directly with us when it comes to payment and questions with your order. Just write "ARC Group Buy" in the check out notes. For anyone wondering, the TIER discount is explained in the Shipping FAQs page on our site but the basic run down is if you spend $150 you will get $15 off,a $250 order earns you $35 off and so it goes http://cultivatedreef.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6 Also we have some awesome sales going on right now thru the end of the month. 15 of our farmed corals are 50% off plus many other deals... http://cultivatedreef.com/index.php?route=product/special&limit=100 I will label each bag with the corals name and the owners name so picking up the corals will be very simple. I will even bundle the individual bagged corals into larger bags with the owners name so all your frags will be easier to pick up. Holly
  5. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Thank you all so much for joining in the group buy!!! If anyone has any issues with there coral please let me know by sending me an email at sales@cultivatedreef.com. Hopefully everything is doing well after the long journey
  6. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Not yet. I can comfortably receive orders for this thru Tuesday evening. Shipping is on Thursday for a Friday delivery.
  7. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Hi Jonathan, It's not to late to join. Place your order as soon as possible though so I can set it aside for you. There is no cost on shipping for this group buy so when you place your order simply select "Store Pickup" as the shipping option and write in the check out notes ARC Group Buy. I will label all the bags so you will know what belongs to you Thanks! Holly
  8. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Hi KimP, Yes just place your order and select store pickup to avoid a shipping charge. In the checkout notes write that this order is for the ARC group buy. I will label all the bags so you know what's what and who's who I believe pickup is at rosslonghorns. I am hesitant to give out the address but I'm sure he will chime in shortly. Also today is the last day to take advantage of the 30% Black Friday coupon code so you might want to keep that in mind Thanks, Holly
  9. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Thanks rosslonghorns! I just sent you an email. Like before, I will label all bags with the names of the coral and the owner. It sounds like this will ship to be delivered Friday Dec 2nd and I think it will be at Rosslonghorns address.
  10. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    You might want to place an order regardless. We just launched a 30% black friday sale on all our coral and inverts http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/37786-black-friday-30-off-starts-now/
  11. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Thank you Peter for organizing this group buy! And thank you Ty for becoming the sorting facility AND thank you all who participated!!! If anyone has any questions or issues with there order please do not hesitate in emailing me at sales@culitvatedreef.com.
  12. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Hi, Yep all set Thanks, Holly
  13. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    I can extend any deals you missed out on for this group buy. Shoot me a email if you want to put something together Sales@cultivatedreef.com Holly
  14. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Hi, I just emailed you. Please check and email back Holly
  15. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    You should be fine. Ideally you'd want to pick it up as soon as possible and start acclimating it out of the bag but afternoon should be fine too. Ty...I would suggest not placing the coral that is waiting to be picked up in your tank or sump etc. It would better to leave them at room temperature in the shipping box versus warming them up to 78ish degrees and putting reef light on them. That will help keep them in a hibernating mode. At least this is my gut feeling. I have no scientific evidence to support this though lol Thanks Holly! I'll leave it up to the buyer to tell me what they want me to do with it. I have no idea myself but the less temp swings, the better I'm sure. The sump will be dark at least so no lights. Sounds good to me!