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  1. End of year GIVEAWAYS!!!

    Hello reef enthusiasts, 3 free corals with any order of $150 or more (not including shipping) now until Dec 21st! Place an order and in the CHECK OUT NOTES write us a note letting us know that you want a free coral! You can specify what "types" of coral you want. For example you can request 1 sps, 1mushroom, and 1 zoo. Or you can request all three frags to be LPS. Whatever combo you want. We will decide what exact corals will go into each pack but feel free to make REASONABLE requests and we will certainly do our best to consider them. Just a few samples of the corals that are currently on sale!!! Many are 50% off!!! This is a really good opportunity to load your tank up with color before winter hits in full swing. 25% off all ULTRA Rock Flowers! 31% off ATL Shades of Fall acros! $150 off the hottest clown fish on the market....Sea and Reefs BLACK STORMS!!! These are WYSIWYG purchases. Just click on the link in the product description to view the dozens available! Check out all our sales before supplies run out! Cultivated Reef
  2. Cultivated Reef Group Buy

    Ok yeah I haven't heard anything other then Friday so at this point that is what I'm planning on.
  3. Cultivated Reef Group Buy

    It's not to late. Tonight is pretty much the cut off though so hurry
  4. Cultivated Reef Group Buy

    Are we still planning on shipping this Thursday for a Friday delivery?
  5. Cultivated Reef Group Buy

    Hi ARC, Thank you Murftoo for setting up this group buy. I'm looking forward to sending you all some beautiful coral. If anyone has any questions about our coral etc please feel free to ask Thanks, Holly
  6. Biggest sale of the YEAR!

    Hi mFrame, I'm updating the website as we speak. Some of the items marked out of stock won't be for long. Over the next 30 minutes I'll get it back up to reflect accurate stock levels. I have one ultra rock flower left and the website now shows it available. On all of our product pages, if you look at the description you will also see a "additional information" link. If you click on that it will give frag sizes. The blondies are 1-2 polyps per frag Please let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for asking!! Holly
  7. Biggest sale of the YEAR!

    Hello fellow reefers, We are excited to launch our biggest sale of the year! Every coral and invertebrate is now 30% off. Everyone single one! Plus DOOR BUSTERS at 50% off!!! If you have been waiting for black friday sales to stock up your tank then wait no longer. Our sale begins now and will run thru the rest of the month on November. However our farmed goodies may not last that long so don't delay Blondies 30% off! ATL Ultimate Rainbow monti's 50% off!!! The Original Oregon Tort 30% off! Ultra grade Rock Flowers 30% off! And hundreds of other items all 30% off. Thanks for looking, Cultivated Reef
  8. 50% 0ff Fall Door Busters!

    Hello fellow reefers, We have some amazing farmed coral that is growing out of our tanks right now. As a result we are offering an incredible 50% off on these items! Below are a few examples... Pink Boobies Chalice Frags 50% OFF!!! Super Colorful RASTA Frags 50% OFF! WWC Grafted Monti Cap frags 50% OFF! Upscales Microlados frags 50% OFF! Blue Star Polyp frags 50% OFF! VIEW OUR COMPLETE LINE UP OF FALL DOOR BUSTERS! Sales – Cultivated Reef Thanks for looking, Cultivated Reef
  9. Cultivated Reef Order

    Thank you all for participating and thank you Jonathan for heading this up. If anyone has any issues with there coral please shot me an email sales@cultivatedreef.com
  10. Cultivated Reef Order

    Peter lives in a 10:30 am delivery zone so hopefully that's when it will be. Thanks to everyone participating!!!
  11. Cultivated Reef Order

    Peter is correct. Monday deliveries are not an option since Fedex doesn't operate on Sundays. So we can either do a Tuesday delivery or a Wednesday delivery.
  12. Cultivated Reef Order

    Hi, Yeah that is the easiest way for everyone. That way each person can earn reward points, earn a TIER discount, and deal directly with us when it comes to payment and questions with your order. Just write "ARC Group Buy" in the check out notes. For anyone wondering, the TIER discount is explained in the Shipping FAQs page on our site but the basic run down is if you spend $150 you will get $15 off,a $250 order earns you $35 off and so it goes http://cultivatedreef.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6 Also we have some awesome sales going on right now thru the end of the month. 15 of our farmed corals are 50% off plus many other deals... http://cultivatedreef.com/index.php?route=product/special&limit=100 I will label each bag with the corals name and the owners name so picking up the corals will be very simple. I will even bundle the individual bagged corals into larger bags with the owners name so all your frags will be easier to pick up. Holly
  13. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Thank you all so much for joining in the group buy!!! If anyone has any issues with there coral please let me know by sending me an email at sales@cultivatedreef.com. Hopefully everything is doing well after the long journey
  14. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Not yet. I can comfortably receive orders for this thru Tuesday evening. Shipping is on Thursday for a Friday delivery.
  15. Order from Cultivated Reefs

    Hi Jonathan, It's not to late to join. Place your order as soon as possible though so I can set it aside for you. There is no cost on shipping for this group buy so when you place your order simply select "Store Pickup" as the shipping option and write in the check out notes ARC Group Buy. I will label all the bags so you will know what belongs to you Thanks! Holly