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  1. I still have the one left. Will Pm.
  2. #2 is sold. #1 is sold. #3 is left for 25.
  3. Decided to sell in smaller pieces, still a great find for the price!! 1. $40 SOLD 2. $40-SOLD 3. $30
  4. Bubble tip #1 hanging in return: $10 ~ 2in Bubble tip#2 hanging on coral: $10 ~ 2 in Sorry not the best pictures. But the last picture is a reference pic
  5. For sale: all of it for 80 bucks. Just trying to get rid of it all! It's excessive kryptonite Candy Cane. PM me if interested. Located in Round Rock, but work in Austin. Mark
  6. I have a container now. So let me know!
  7. This red Monti cap fell off the rock. It was nice and full grown and created depth, but it seems that it wants to bloom in another reefers tank! For sale for $25. It's been a hot minute since I've been active here at ARC! The living part is about 12" x 6" and it has great coloration, but it can be adhered to create an instant shelf! Please PM. Available in Round Rock after 5pm. You'll need shallow tub with lid to carry it in one piece!😁 Mark
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