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  1. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    On a totally different note...anyone ever read One Second After? Give it a go...it should scare the crap out of you https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4922079-one-second-after
  2. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    Oh sure...all that is part of my thought project. Thats why the heater is on the UPS right now...to my thinking its really, kind of, the most important thing right NOW. I have the UPS cause, well, it was free so why not use it. I have them all over the house as well. One on the internet gateway, one on the DVR (priorities ya know) and one on the PC...then of course the aquarium. I cant remember the last time we had a power outage up her in RR. I know we do every now and again cause the clock on the microwave tells me so... but they never seem to last long. If they were frequent and prolonged that would be part of my thinking...or more part of it anyway. The hotter months are more concerning to me as well. I feel like keeping the temp from climbing is easier than keeping it from falling. Unless the whole area is down I can drive to get some ice. I have a gas furnace but the blower...well, yeah, there is that. I mean there is only so much you can do if the electricity goes down for too long and this was more an exercise to see if the one I am using right now, which is kinda in my way, is more perceived security or actual. the more I think about it the more it seems perceived. ...but I am thinking about hanging the dang thing in the attic like I discussed above cause that will only be the cost of a 2-way box and an outlet...I have left over romex from the first drop
  3. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    Well, yeah, that the crazy end of it all. I have almost covered my roof with panels twice now. Was about to pull the trigger each time and then I got laid off...each time. Kinda has me a little gun shy about looking at solar ya know But that would certainly solve all this to at least some degree. Even on days like today the panels would be putting out something...having the power walls like your friend would, in theory, put the whole house on a UPS so to speak. Then one just has to be careful how you use the power and as advertised you could potentially make it through any outage.
  4. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    Those must be some really old basic UPS's and even then somewhat defective. Even a homemade UPS (actually pretty simple) should drain based on the load...part of which is the inverter itself but that is built into the manufacturers suggested numbers. Newer ones do a battery conditioning and you can reasonably expect much longer life out of the batteries themselves. Its hard to know for sure whats inside but a lot have 12v batteries...there are two big suckers sitting in my driveway right now. That requires forethought to cable out of the UPS to facilitate that but its very doable.
  5. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    Although…the physical proximity of the tank lends itself to another solution to keep the UPS as well as fortifying it for longer run times and it wouldn’t be much trouble really. There was no AC power behind this tank till I put it there. Almost directly above that back wall in the attic is an AC outlet and the doorbell transformer. I really just lopped off the C13 end of an old monitor power cable, butt jointed it to some romex and dropped it down the wall...it still has the 5-15p on the other end even…its quite literally just plugged in! I could change the 1way box to a two way, drop another stretch of romex, put this plug on the non-battery side and the new one to the battery and then the wall would be conditioned on one outlet and battery-backed on the other. That so totally touches my geek nerve cause that would be slick even if it only impresses people like you At this point I could terminal out of the UPS itself and use a much larger battery...deep cycle car battery for example...talk about run time. I could even get crazy with it and put a solar panel on the roof above it...it could get out of hand!
  6. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    The goodwill over on 183 and metric has a computer section and they often have these "dead" UPS's Thats where I scored the 2800va ones I had under my 200 years ago for like$10 This is where understanding what cares about pure sein wave and what doesnt pays off cause the older ones are the cheapest and cheapest to put batteries in usually as well. Only two AC pumps in my set up and they can take the dirty power just fine...and even if they didnt I would just replace them with DC versions that I cannot justify at this time
  7. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    First, APC makes several UPS models that produce modified sine wave power when on battery…for an ordinary PC that’s no problem…for most things that’s no problem. Pure sine wave is only available as you move up to the more expensive units in their lineup…same with Tripplite, Cyberpower, etc. To the degree you should even care its only for certain AC powered devices. The Apex systems themselves little more than a tiny “PC” of sorts and they are DC powered internally which is not apparent since there is no wall wart on that power cable, rather buried inside. You would want to protect them from surges but the line conditioning is not of use to them. DC devices are much more tolerant of voltage fluctuations (brown power) which is mostly what power conditioners seek to eliminate. This is a different topic all together really…lets step way back and take the electrical engineering and the Apex out of the conversation. I didn’t specify my setup extremely well so this diversion to more complex systems was my faultJ My tank is not a closed loop…anywhere, it’s a Fusion Lagoon 25 “AIO”. I have the main “return pump”, a skimmer, wave maker, heater, ATO and the light. Presently all I have on the battery side is the main pump, ATO and the heater. The question was more about how much do we really need to care about the circulation with a tank like this? o2 exchange occurs on the water surface and there is almost 4sq ft of that here. It seems unlikely that the system would go anaerobic for a very long time. Way more time than would be experienced in an ordinary power outage and for an extended one I have a generator. The heater would probably not drain much most of the time because most of the time the air outside is hotter than my water anyway…though on days like today it seems like it might be the most critical component for extended outages. In any event my UPS is only sufficient for outages when I am in town and can make other arrangements for things if they drag on. If I went on vacation tomorrow for a week and the power was out for extended periods while I was gone, if it mattered much that something gets power then it wouldn’t matter cause it likely would only prolong the inevitable. This was as true with the previous canister setups as well but that situation was on a much tighter clock with much more dire eventualities so it was a critical factor. Like I said…not arguing, just attacking the logic across the board in MY tank for THE unit I have because its kind of physically in the way for some future plans and if it doesn’t truly serve a critical purpose then it can go away. No, not against the grain at all...more in line with where I am at with my question. I imagine I would be able to run small air pumps for days on this UPS...so thats something of what I am on about. Do we need to do ______ and if so why?
  8. MrZ2u

    Sea Hare

    Ive got a sea hare in my tank at the moment...hired him to help with the GHA and the little fella did a bang up job. There really isnt anything left that I can tell but he is still pooping so hes eating something. I dont want to leave him in there too long but I dont want to pull him out prematurely either. How do you know when they are done with the cleanup?
  9. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    Does the Apex not reboot itself to the last state if it loses power? I dont know much about them...nothing about them actually other than what they are to some degree
  10. MrZ2u

    Battery Backup...UPS

    Not arguing at all...just trying examine the question thoroughly. How though...as I said, I totally 100% see the need for closed loops like canisters. I just do not see the same problem with a fully open system like live rock. I get it, its always nice to keep circulation for the reasons we have it in the first place but is that necessary or just nice? If its not necessary really wouldnt we be better suited to just run the heater on the battery since all things considered the temp at some times of the year is the most important thing. Even thinking summer months...wouldnt we perhaps be better served not introducing heat into the system when the power is out? I kinda hate my UPS to be honest and I am looking for real good reasons to keep it. Its not easy to manage physically in the space I have it but I do have a way in mind to make it more so...it would be a fair amount of effort to make it happen but the end result would be pretty slick...and what I really, REALLY, need more things on my already mile long list of things I want to do cause I have soooo much spare time these days! It is entirely possible I am putting too much thought into this
  11. Before I switched to marine I had a 200 gal Cichlid tank which was filtered by two Eheim 2217 and two Marineland Mag 350 canisters and I had 2800va of UPS under it to keep those canisters flowing for about 36 hours without wall power. With a canister the need is very obvious to keep it flowing and I learned that the hard way once in my first 75gal and lost about $400 worth of fish as a result. So, a UPS has always felt mandatory to me but the one I have under my tank right now is kind of in my way, in a way, so I have questioned how much I really even need it in this tank. Its smallish...550va but just to run the pump and powerhead it would probably go 10-12 hrs easy. Throw the heater in there and who knows but not long at all most likely and it seems upon thinking about it the heater is really the most important part. Unlike the canisters which will go anaerobic and die without flow and if left long enough will become ammonia bombs when the power comes back...this tank is open top with nothing in a closed loop to go anaerobic really. Does the UPS really even matter at all but for maybe the heater which will drain the battery pretty quick anyway? What to you guys think...do we really benefit from a UPS that much?
  12. MrZ2u

    Refried...I mean Refrozen food :)

    Thats sorta how I was doing it honestly. I had an amount thawed and rinsed in the fridge and I was feeding from that. I kinda question how long it will "keep" thawed out like that. I realize I was applying human metrics with that thinking but at some point it is a real question even for fish...plus, decomposing organic material and what it becomes and all of a sudden we are back at adding things we were trying to avoid. There is another element to this and that is when its not ME doing the feeding. Having the tiny cubes in the freezer means the instructions are simple for the kids/wife. Right now apart from a plethora of GSP this is a FOWLR tank for several reasons. It is not my intention for it to stay that way and I do want to put corals back in there in the near future. Having cubes with something for the fish and something for the corals is kind of a two-for proposition in some ways. Add to that, just about any hobby I have is partly because of the DIY element. This in a way adds a little element of that with the process of taking something "off the shelf" and modding it to my needs...though, sometimes that loses its appeal so the last line above is considered for sure.
  13. MrZ2u

    Refried...I mean Refrozen food :)

    Dammit! I dont guess I really believed this was JUST my idea or that I was the Neil Armstrong of tiny cubes but I do like to live with the fantasy a few days before I find someone elses flag on the moon! Same **** trays even!!! But I paid half what they did so I win! https://reefhacks.com/rods-food-frozen-cubes/
  14. MrZ2u

    Refried...I mean Refrozen food :)

  15. In my battle against the GHA outbreak of late I had cause to examine some of my daily habits and how they might be contributing to the phosphate and nitrate that was clearly fueling this issue at least at some level. The API kits show neither in any measurable amount which could mean that its all being consumed by the GHA so it seems that it is clearly there at some level and point. Feeding the fish is without a doubt a source so I had cut back on that a bit. I alternate between NewLife Spectrum and Omega one pellets only and I was looking for one of those little floating rings all over town with no luck. Last stop was Aquadome before I resorted to the box stores. It was at Petco where I got turned on to the idea of frozen to control the nutrients. Fella there said that what they do at his store because he is in charge and its what he does at home… thaw it out, rinse it well with RO water and feed. The rinse he claimed removed a lot of the nitrates/phosphates that would be there if you just tossed the cube in as is...seems reasonable enough. I only have two small clowns, a Banggai and Pajama cardinal and a Filefish so I don’t need a whole frozen cube…in fact, one would last several days. If I could thaw and wash a whole tray of frozen whatever and make smaller cubes that would be awesome. This method sounds like a small hassle it sounded like so I thought I might try a variation on that and see how it works. So, to do that I found these and they are I think just about perfect, they are silicone so it should be easy to get the cubes out and the three of them were like $11 on Amazon. They can be had cheaper but this was the best value on prime and I am not in the mood to wait on shipping out of China. One tray holds about 4oz of liquid and each cube is looks like a little less than centimeter cubed…or, in my case, one feeding. This is the first experiment with this process so this is two rows from each container seen above. I will wrap this in foil cause, yeah, its not a smell I want in the freezer. In a couple hours I will see how this works out and post a picture of the results