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ATL triple red zoa colony


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I have seen lots of his stuff sell on MARSH in the Houston area. From what I have seen it is first rate corals in great health and condition. I have never seen a complaint posted!

I have wanted to buy coral from him many times but couldnt make it to the Houston area. Now that shipping is posible... Please post more... maybe a frag pack or 2!!!!

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For $255 shipped in addition to the ATL triple red zoa colony i will add these corals below...

I will repeat and add to my profile. I am from houston, tx and highly active on marsh and R2R, i am a newbie to the austin reef club. Hopefully i will get to know some people here and maybe trade corals with each other one of these days. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask

tyree pastel war and peace favia 9 eyes


1 eye tyree AE oregon mummy eye


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