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Acan Maxima #C39


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Oops. I was ordering some WYSIWYG corals and when the order came in my orange cynarina brain was accidentally shipped as an Acan Maxima by mistake. The vendor then went on to sell my piece so it is no longer available. I paid $200 for the Acan Maxima, it's listed price, and we came to an agreement that allows me to pass this very large brain coral on for $100. It is to large for my current set up and needs to go quickly before it becomes aggitated and recesses. I've seen comments online stating prices up to $150 or more for a single head of whats was stated as being one of the most elusive corals to date. This one is about 7" acrossed and has at least 5 mouths.

No pics yet but here are a few online that could be it. Right now the color is off on the coral until it is stabilized in it's new environment.




The colors on the bottom pic are more realistic right now.

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I'm sorry if I'm confused, but is it an Acan Maxima for sale or an Orange cynarina brain?

It is the Acan in the picture that I said was the actual coral.

I was pissed not to receive my orange cynarina that I ordered for the same price. The vendor refused to refund the full amount as I was unwilling to ship the coral back at my expense so we made a compromise.

It is looking great this evening.

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