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I have a volitan between 7 and 9 inches. i have had him since i set up my first tank in november last year. i started out wanting fish and reacently got into corals. i need smaller fish to keep my tank clean and he doesnt like small new fish so i have to get rid of him. he eats all kinds of frozen food (big) so you dont have to worry about keeping feeders, even though he loves them. i paid 90 for him from aquatek so give me a number hes worth to you, i dont know what price to put on something i love so much, but i cant have him AND have my tank the way i want it to look. i may trade for something i need like,1800+ gph pump, refrigum w/light, insump skimmer for 150+, haha maybe so. my computer is down so i can send a picture any time to a phone or email so pm me if your are interested.

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