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215 Gallon DSA Setup

Travis Morgan

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215 Gallon Deep Sea Aquatics Reef Ready Aquarium, Includes DSA Canopy & Stand. Other items included-

3 x 250W Sunlight Supply Metal Halides (Lumen Max Reflectors) ,Sunlight Supply Galaxy Electronic Ballasts (3qty), Phoenix 14k Bulbs

Cooling Fan System Integrated in Canopy (temps stay around 75-79 degrees at the max)

Oceanic 75 Gallon Sump

4 x 7" CPR 200 micron Filter socks

Coral Life UV Sterilizer 30w

Precision Marine RL200 Protein Skimmer

Mag Drive 1800 pump

2 x Korline 4 Power Heads

Over 100lbs of live rock

120 lbs of live sand

Tropic Marin Sea Salt in current water

Also included- new in the box, never used Tunze Top Off System ($200)

All of this was purchased new within the last 6 months. We are in the process of selling our house and will only be taking one tank,unfortunately its not going to be this one. I can be reached at 512-296-3977 if you have any questions. $2500, Price is firm.


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I am interested, but my biggest concern is in being able to move it. How many people did it take for you to get it put into your home. I have moved a 135 and 125 before, which seemed to be about the max. for just 2 people. Please give me some feedback on how you got it moved in.

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