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Calibrating pH probe w/RK2


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Ok I don't understand the numbers.

I have tried to calibrate my Reef Keeper 2 pH probe. I have searched and posted the same question on the DA forum and no answer.

When calibrating the probe shouldn't the read out at time of calibration reflect the pH of the test solution i.e, 7 should read out as 7 and 10 should read out as 10. The only instructions in the manual tell me to wait until the number stablizes. I keep getting numbers in the 400's. :o

Can anyone tell me if this is the correct?

My Milwalkee Ph control read the solutions correctly so what am I missing.


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on my AC III it says don't worry about what the # is, only that it is stable. So if it was the 7 solution a value of 7.2 wouldn't matter only that it held steady @ 7.2

But 400? Sounds like your probe might dead.

I had a temp probe go out last week and my tank went from 77.6F to 130F in 2 seconds! YIKES!

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