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Looking for a "silent" overflow...


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Still researching ideas for overflows.

I have been playing around with a durso on my 40g breeder but still am not completely happy with it.

Options so far are the

Durso standpipe

Stockman standpipe

Hoffman Gurgle buster

and I recently discovered a silent and fail-safe overflow system

Does anyone have a silent overflow?

Care to share your secret?

I am intrigued by the silent and fail safe system...anyone have any experience with this?


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I just used the standard durso on all the tanks I've owned. I would say mine is relatively silent. Like stated above I had to enlarge the hole. I also believe it had to do with my return pump and volume. In some of my initial tank setups, I had a substantial amount of flow through the sump, thus the overflow had to keep up with this. More flow, the louder it was. After reading a few articles on Melevs site, I went with the recommended ~3-5x flow through the sump. As a result of that, the overflow wasn't as loud as the volume was minimal.

What return pump are you using on your 40 gallon?

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