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Green Bird's Nest!


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Hey everyone... I'm getting into different corals, and I've got to cut down on the less "rare" corals that I've got...

I've currently got a very nice piece of Green Bird's Nest that is about 3"x1"x1" (LxWxH)... It's got TONS of branches. This is a very fast grower, not to mention a good looking one! ^_^

It currently has a patch that died on the top (only about 2 cm) that now has coralline on it and is growing it's color back.

Asking price is $20 comes on a nice piece of rock with a rubber frag stopper... the rock is completely encruested with purple coralline :)


It's the neon green one in the front. This is an older picture. :)

Thanks! P.M. me for pickup details ^_^


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