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corals still available!!!


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1. green and yellow ricordia (appears to be splitting into another) -----------------------------------------------------------------$ 15

2. brown yuma rock (1 big several small, rock has a ton of coraline) ---------------------------- -----------------------------------$ 15

3. very bright kryptonite zoanthids(i think)(about 12 polyps attached to a 2-4lb piece of totoka rock) ----------------------$ 30

4. super bright green button polyps (over 15 polyps attached to a small rock) ---------------------------------------------------$ 10

5. pink polyps with a green mouth (approximately 8 polyps, i paid 15 for 2!) -----------------------------------------------------$ 25

6. green damicornis (sold to me as ORA's birds of paradise, but i can't tell if it is. either way, big frag) ---------------------$ 45

7. green millieopora (about 1.5in, looking a little brown. still very hairy and healthy) -------------------------------------------$ 15

8. red milleopora (has 5 branches, 4 about .5in. 1 is a little over 1in) -------------------------------------------------------------$ 20

9. ORA's Acropora Valida ( has over 9 branches, looks very nice, tallest branch about 1.5in) ---------------------------------$ 45

- I accidently broke a small branch (.5in) of the valida off today while reaquascaping. purchase over 50 gets it for free!

-buy a couple corals and i may throw in a discount, i need these gone ASAP!!!





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here is a better pic of #5 now lowered to $20 (these grow faster than any other polyps i've ever kept)(couple months ago i had 2, now there's 8

oh yeah, and i let u pick a free supplement for every purchase, such as liquid calcium, lugols, garlic xtreme, trace elements, etc.


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