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$20 for 2 occelaris!


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-both are occelaris

-1 wild caught, 1 ORA stonewashed occelaris

-both are on a diet of fish & reef 1, frozen brine and mysis, also eating krill flake food

-they will pretty much eat anything i put in my tank, including fingers <_<

-neither are sick, or have ever been sick since i've kept them

-they might be a pair but i'm not entirely sure, they seem to enjoy each others company

i had them listed at 25 for both but i'm lowering it to $20. because i'm breaking down my tank and i don't want to cause any stress to them as i am constantly removing corals from my tank

here are some pics (the pic that looks more blue was taken just yesterday)

I am extremely lucky to have never encountered ick in my tank ;)

if you want to see everything i'm selling, look at the post titled "selling it all" in the want to sell section on ARC

-equipment will be for sale once all livestock is removed-



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if nobody takes these by saturday i'll let them go for 15. sombody needs to jump on these soon!!!(don't wait around)(first come.first served)

oh and in case u were wondering, i know it looks like a vertical line of white dots on the tail of the clown in the 2nd pic. not sure why, might be just water drops on the outside of my tank(if it had any health problems, i'm sure it wouldn't like a vertical line of dots! <_<

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I wish I had a bigger tank.. I was talking to my wife about taking these (she's not nearly as addicted as I am).. she shocks me: "Yes, it's a good deal, but if you add two more fish it's going to push your nitrates too high. You need a bigger tank."

So now I need to keep an eye out for a bigger tank.

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