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selling it all!!!


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i have a custom 20 gallon acrylic tank w/ built in overflow 20l x 15w x 16h (painted black on the back with 2 built in flare nozzle)

mag 5 pump(runs very fast)

mag float

koralia 1

maxi-jet 600

10 gallon sump w/ a broken baffle that needs to be resiliconed (which i will include)

clamp on fuge light

my ghetto 2x4 cinder block stand (it's hard finding a stand for a custom tank)

all the plumbing (you might want to redo some)

25-30lbs of live rock (in decent condition, not covered in caulerpa, cyano, hair algae, etc.)

live sand (about 20lbs)

tons of clean up crew (more than you need)

(((but i can't sell any of the stuff above yet unless i sell all of my corals and fish first, or my entire set up, if i end up selling all of my corals and fish then i'm either going to part out all the equipment above or sell it all in combo package.)))

1. 2 clowns (1 wild caught occelaris and 1 ORA stonewashed occelaris)-$15 each or $25 for both-------------------(both are about 1.5 in)

2. ora tricolor acro frag-$45----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(has over 8 branches!)

3. ora birds of paradise colony (big frag) -$80----------------------------------(this is over 3 in tall with a lot of branches,CRAZY GOOD DEAL)

4. purple polyp birdsnest frag-$20--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(4-5 branches all are about 1 in)

5. red skirt zoas (eye catcher)-$20------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(8 polyps)

6. 2 head duncan colony-$15-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 big head and 1 small)

7. red milli frag-$20---------------------------------------------------------------(biggest branch is 1.5in the other 3 branches about half this size)

8. green milli frag-$15-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(about 2 inch)

9. pink polyps w/ green mouths growing very fast-$25---------------------------------------------------(about 8 or 9 polyps, i paid 15 for just 2)

10. unknown green acro-$15-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(about an inch)

11. green button polyps-$10---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(about 12-15)

12. green zoas w/ blue mouth and purple outer skirt on a big piece of totoka live rock-$35--(these are cool polyps, about 13-15 polyps)

13. green and yellow ricordia-$15--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(1 mouth)

14. brown yuma rock with a lot of coraline-$15----------------------------------------------------------------------(1 big shroom and 3-4 little ones)

15. and my personal favorite *purple polyps with a green outer skirt and green mouth-$40--------(there is about 13-15 polyps)(EXOTIC)*

if your intrested in my whole set up, coral and all, it's $500 FIRM (and i'll throw in a crap load of extras including over $70 bucks worth of all the supplements you'll ever need, parts for a protein skimmer, a 2.5 gallon tank, 10 gallon tank, food, jugs, and much more cool.gif

if you want all my corals, their yours for $315, this is actually a good deal considering i spent over $525!!! on all my corals alone(now you see why i'm selling this stuff) :D

i'm a reefing addict but it's time to take a break so i can move out and move on with my life, until i become rich :D

^my prices are FIRM

^there is NO TRADES


*if you need more pics all you have to do is ask*(most pics are a little outdated)

*if you want to see my tank in person my # is 512-789-8909 just send me a txt*





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i've invested almost $1000 into this tank and everything for it when i should have spent the money on more important things in my life, it's really scary to think about but i think it's time for me to take a break

Take all my corals for 300

if you want to see more pics of corals, just ask

or if you want to see my tank in person just let me know

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-purp polyp birdsnest

-#15 unknown polyps (now lowered to 30 due to peppermint shrimp attacks, the pic was taken after he attacked it)

-small green w/ green polyp acro (needs a plug)

-and the birds of paradise colony i recently acquired





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I really just want the tank. The Mag 5 would be fine for what I plan, with head space it would prolly only push 250-300gph and that is all I would need. If you want to sell just the tank and Mag5 PM me with a price please. Im in no hurry and can wait for you to empty the tank.



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