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Tubbs blue Acro, Green Birds nest, purple acro for Trade


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I have a few Acro frags for sale or trade. I do not want to care for them since I do not have the right lighting equipment. They go from $15-$50 if you are interested in seeing them you can call me 388-1072. For a picture, see my other posting on want to sell. The picture really does not show a good color quality so you are welcome to come by and see them. Things I would like to trade some of these frags for are: flame hawk fish, linkia starfish, small blue regal tang, maybe even a frag or two for some healthy live rock.Maybe even a spare light if you have a good one. I believe I have a 2 1/4 in tubbs blue acro, three frags of purple Acro, three frags of birdsnest, small frag of teal tort. Large piece of purple acro. If you are interested in a trade, please call. My computer seems to be locking up from time to time...

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