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Help with Rebuild


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Ok, so after the disaster of my house flooding and my tank being destroyed I've finally got things set back up again. Since all my coral is long gone I wanted to see if anyone had some pieces or frags they wanted to donate. Shrimp or algae? I'll even pay, I just need some color back in my tank. Thanks.

Here's what she looks like. I added about 30 more lbs of LR.


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I'll give you some frags - but most of what I have is SPS, and I don't know if that's the kind you want to do or not. ?

I've got very few LPS but heres' some I can give you if you are using PC's or T5's:

Candy canes - light Aqua colored under halides about 7 heads, - white under PC's) and also I can give you a couple heads of

kryptonite Candy canes, that'll brighten it up a little.

If you are doing HID (Halide) lights, and you want to try some SPS:

We have a large limb recently chopped off a green slimer (blue tipped variety),

a small red w blue polyps hystrix birds nets(mounted on plug), a small purple/blonde millipora, and some frags of

acropora nana (blue tipped - looks similar to tricolor valida) - this last one will test your ability to keep acropora:

It's a notoriously slow grower, unless your water is pristine and NSW params on all else.- once it is, it takes off and makes a nice colony.

We live way up in Leander, so it's probably a road trip for you, anyways, it'll only cost you time and gas to come get them.

(try to bring a small cooler, and some ziploc baggies, or small tupperware to carry them home in)

Let us know.

--Robert and Cindy

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