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FS: PFO 250W Double Ended Metal Halide Pendants

Mike M.

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ReefClub6.jpgI have two PFO 250W Metal halide pendants for sale. Both have 6' of cord and plugs. The first pendant is in good working condition. Here it is:



Asking $45 for this one. Clean it up and commission a new reef tank!

The second has a short in the wiring in the housing. Pickup a new DE socket assembly and wire it in. No problem. Both fixtures have Geismann 250W DE maybe 14K lamps. I don't know if they still work so let's consider them dead. If they do work, hey, gift with purchase. Asking $25 for this one. Take both off my hands for $60.


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I took a few minutes to test the ballast I have for sale with the pendants. Both pendants work and both bulbs burn. I am selling one at a discount to the other because I know the wiring in the handicapped pendant is on borrowed time. It would be a good idea to rewire it. They both have 250W Geismann Megachrome Coral bulbs in them and both work. So, it's a go for outfitting a new tank on a budget. Both reflectors are in good shape.

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