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Official 65G part out thread (Paul's Tank)


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I've got the tank and here is what is being parted out. All equipment was purchased in March.

All items are pickup @ 8422 Jamestown Dr 78758.

Pictures will follow below.

I'm not interested in lowball offers.

- Quiet One 3000 pump, $40

40 watts

780 gph

10' 5" maximum pumping head

UL listed

1" MPT outlet

intake either screened or 1" MPT optional connection

- Tank & Stand SOLD

36L x 18"W x 25" H,

Reef Ready,

includes all plumbing parts and bulkheads.

Black stand included.

No scratches,

silicone is in good shape.

- 150W MH Current Sundial HWI Pendant. SOLD

Bulbs are less than 3 months old as they were not burned while the tank was cycling.

Includes 1x10K HQI MH bulb & ballast, 2x32W Dual actinic PC lights, integrated cooling fan and timers for the MH and PC lights.


- Vertex IN 100 Protein Skimmer SOLD

Purchased Late May,

No cracks or leaks. I personally cleaned it and the cup had some nasty smelling green goop in it. IT WORKS GREAT!


Base dimensions: 8" x 10"

Height: 20"

Diameter: 6"

Wattage: 40 Watts

Aquarium Size: 60-100 Gallons

- Koralia #4 and #1

#4 = $40 SOLD

#1 = $20 SOLD

- Small Mag float

$3 or free with any other purchase

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Anyone know if you can sand this stand down and stain it a different color? I would like to have this tank but my wife will not let me have a black stand.

Depends on what it's made of if you can sand and stain, but worst case you can paint it a different color (kilz and paint will cover black).

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