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Selling 1 Year Old 14 Gallon BioCube


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I am selling my 14 Gallon BioCube. It is only 1 year old and all equipment is working (pump, actinic, flourescent, lunar lights, etc.). I will also include the BioCube Protein Skimmer that I bought 2 months ago. Asking $100 for whole set up.

Call me at 214-395-0706 if interested.

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Pics below. I have sold off all the livestock (corals, fish, cleaner shrimp), but the tank and live rock are available. Also included is a BioCube Protein Skimmer and 3 way timer switch. $100 for everything.

Aquarium Volume: 14.3 gallons Dimensions: 15" x 15-1/2" x 17" high 48 watt canopy

lighting includes: (1) 24 watt True Actinic 03 Blue straight pin

(1) 24 watt 10,000K Daylight straight pin

(2) 0.75 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED Pump flow rate: 137 gph


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