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I bought most of this stuff for the new tank that I was planning to set up. However, a new project has come up. I am in San Antonio. These are pick in SA prices. The brand new items have never seen a drop of water. All subject to prior sale.

(1) Brand new Co2 Deluxe Dual Gauge Regulator w/ Solenoid $150

(2) Brand new 5lb Co2 Cylinder $83 - I have filled it with Co2

(3) Brand new Precision Marine RFCa4 Calcium Reactor - $400

If you buy (1,2,&3) above will add (2) CaribSea ARM media, that $30 worth and will sell all three for $600 total.

(4) Brand new Precision Marine Bullet 1 Protein Skimmer $346

(5) Brand new Precision Marine WC 410 Waste Collector $90

(6) Brand new new Gate Valve for Bullet 1 - $50

(7) Brand new Pan World 100PX Pump - $194

If you buy (4,5,6&7) above will sell all for $600.

(8) Precision Marine KR620 Kalkreactor - $225, will add half a bottle of Seachem Kalk

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