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FTS thread

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Howdy all,

After looking through the forum for inspiration for aquascaping my soon to be setup 75g, I found an old thread with FTS from a few folks. Thought it was time to redo this for/with the new folks.

I'll start.

Taken this AM. And as bad as the GHA looks now, 6 weeks ago it was 1000% worse. Those two white tubes are going to my Bulk Reef Supply twin reactor running GFO/GAC. And the UFO in the tank is a light behind me reflecting.

Specs: 58g, Aquactinics TX5(ATI lamps, blue + x2, blue special x2, procolor)


Let's see 'em Central Texas!

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How about some light info?

BTW, I think you need another Koralia or two.

Added lighting info.

And yes, I did originally go overboard with powerheads :D . I was afraid of dead spots, and ended up creating a rip tide in the tank. I have pull back and now only have one Koralia in the tank (in the middle).

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here are a couple of shots of my tank.i am no good at full tank shots.its an oceanic 92 gallon corner tank.it has an electronic tunze powerhead,a koralia 3 and a maxijet 1200.a neptune aquacontroller jr.tunze osmolator auto top off.a korallin c1502 calcium reactor.oceanic model 2 sump with eheim 1250 return pump.deltec turbo skimmer 1250.2-two little fishies reactors(1 with carbon and one with phosphate material).the lighting at the moment is a small 250 watt de pendant with a hamilton 14k bulb.actinics are 2-2 bulb 24 inch t5 fixtures.each has 1 uri super actinic and 1 geisemann actinic plus.



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Everyone....Nice FTS. Mike...those polyps are huge and pretty too. Any luck on ID'ing these creatures. They do look pretty rare....never seen anything like it. Have you posted anywhere else (other forums) to see if you get any feed back. Just a thought---unless you already did.

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Ok sorry it took so long... here are new pics. What do you think?

Im thinking about flipping the middle flat rock over so the middle cave isnt so big and fake looking.

Thanks for looking!


I like what you've done to the rockwork....it gives a more natural look when connected. I think you're right about flipping the flat rock, even creating an arch would look good but not w/a flat rock; maybe something with more texture/crevices (you know what I mean?)


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